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8 June 2012

Hello Joyce,

Sorry to read about your neighbor's health issues. That's tough stuff! Sounds like you are good neighbors too  -- taking care of all those cats. 

I am absolutely thrilled to be in contact with you! I printed a copy of your email and sent it to Aunt Norma Slankard Green who I mentioned in my email yesterday. She's going to be over-the-moon thrilled! 

Your father, Robert was Norma's uncle though she did not know him really well. My father, Norma's brother died in 1991 while on vacation in Arizona. I had lost contact with my Aunt Norma until just recently after so many, many years since his death. We were all taken by surprise when he died. He was only 59 years old and caught a cold that turned into pneumonia and next day, he died.  I had completely lost connection with my aunt Norma until I started delving into the ancestry, and thankfully, we reconnected. I have tried to contact many relatives only to be ignored or maybe they think I'm one of those Nigerian scammers. I'm not sure. I always send them proof of my connection with them, a photo, article, an explanation of where I fit into their family picture (so to speak).

I'm the daughter of Robert Fry's nephew, Tom Slankard (now deceased). I have 3 brothers and one sister, all living. I own a corgi (dog) who's wonderful and a pain in the rear. I have twin sons who are nearly 34 years old now. My husband died of colon cancer in 2001.  I have not remarried nor do I even consider it. My passions are reading, writing, my dog and genealogy. I worked as a research librarian for 20 years so this kind of research is right up my alley.

My understanding from what I've been told by Aunt Norma (Robert Fry's niece) is that all of the Fry children died young except Corley Fry who passed in 1978. I think what makes me want to know more about Robert Fry and his brothers and sisters is that one of his sisters was my grandmother who I never got to meet, plus I'm intrigued that all the children died young. I wanted to know where their children (if any) were. I wanted to know more about their lives. 

The links below will take you to articles about Robert E. Fry's accident and the attachment discusses the initial crash.

Lorena and brother, Robert Fry
I'm attaching another photo of Robert and his sister, Lorena (who drowned  along with her husband while clamming one day - yet another tragedy for this family).

Looking forward to hearing from you again when you have time.

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