Friday, July 24, 2015

Caring Cousins

I have been busy taking care of my neighbor's 5 indoor cats since he had a heart attack on Tuesday, so I didn't get back to you as quickly as I wanted. 
We need to know more about each other and then work backwards from there.  I am confused about some things in your email and I know there are many things you would like to know. 
I have given Melinda Strong my permission to delve into Robert E. Fry's past and the suicide as well as a murder in which he was involved.  My mother never told Jessie and I anything about his life, so I'm as curious as you and have often wished I had a way to find out more.
Don Staton has forwarded the picture of my dad on his horse, and the picnic scene from which he was missing.
I can't do more tonight, but send me anything, anytime and I will keep in touch with you, as well.  My computer guru is the man who had the heart attack and is scheduled for a double by-pass and he's the one who scanned pictures for me.  I will go to Walmart, make prints of the pictures I have and send them to you to keep for your own.  So, my dear cousin, send me your address and I will send you an envelope of pictures as soon as I'm able.
Thanks for being a cousin who cares. My mother named me Florence after one of her sisters and always called me by my middle name, Joyce.  So, officially my name is Florence Joyce Fry Willard

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