Friday, July 24, 2015

First Contact

Your mom, Joyce's first email to me:

My name is Joyce Fry Willard.  My father was Robert Elsworth Fry.  I have heard from a distant cousin you are trying to contact someone in his family.  I only had one sister, Jessie, and she is dead as well as my Mother, Wilma D. Striffler Fry who has also passed.    I would be pleased if you would tell me to whom you are related and in what way.  The picture of the family on the lawn has my mother, sister and I, but my father, Robert isn't included.  
Family gather Atascadero, SLO, CA abt 1925

She also mentioned a picture of my mother and father together in 1916, however my mother would have only been 12 years old that year.  She didn't go to California until around 1925.  She worked for the A&P as a bookkeeper and my father worked as a butcher at the same store.  They were married in 1930, so I'm thinking 1916 may have been a typo, or a picture of someone else with my father.   
I didn't receive the picture that Melinda Strong mentioned of my father on a horse, but I too have that picture. 
Please send me an email and we will start a conversation, if that is what you would like.  If you would rather not continue the relationship, please let me know, so I won't be waiting with baited breath for info from you.
Thank you,
Third Cousin(?) Joyce

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